Withdrawal Cards

Frequently Asked Questions About Withdrawal Cards


Q: What is a withdrawal card and why is it so important members get one if they are out of work?

A: If a member does not work any days in the bargaining unit during the current calendar month they shall be issued an honorable withdrawal card upon request. UNION DUES CAN BE PUT ON HOLD if you are laid off, on sick leave, worker’s compensation, Family and Medical leave, ect.
To obtain a withdrawal card, all financial obligations including dues must be paid current at the time of the request. It is important to REQUEST a withdrawal card in a timely manner as dues can accrue until a withdrawal card is requested. Upon returning to bargaining unit work, you must contact Local 332 immediately to deposit your withdrawal card and return to “active” member status.

Q: What happens if a member does not request to receive an honorable withdrawal card?

A: If a member does not request a withdrawal card, he or she shall stand suspended at the end of the third month, and shall not be entitled to any rights or privileges of membership. Upon returning to employment at the workplace a re-initiation fee plus back dues will be required for entitle to any rights or privileges of membership.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements to receive strike benefits?

A: Union dues must be paid up to date to be in good standing. If union dues are behind not more than a month they must be paid and duly credited. Simply put, if the Employer stops the union dues deduction process, each member is responsible to pay their own monthly union dues.

>> Members with questions about withdrawal can call Local 332 at (810)767-7330 to get answers.

>> To request a withdrawal card please fill in the form below.

>> You may also request a card by mailing in this PDF to 1502 South Dort Highway Flint, Michigan 48503
 or by calling 810-767-7330  

Be sure you request a withdrawal card when being laid-off, going leave of absence, lengthy medical leave, or terminating you employment. All initiation fees and back dues must be paid before the withdrawal card is issued.

It is your responsibility to obtain a withdrawal card, so please take care of it as soon as possible after leaving the company so that you will not be obligated to pay extra dues. Failure to request a withdrawal card may cause you to pay back dues.

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