Union Made

Support unions by buying union made products!

This is a list of Teamsters 332 approved union made products. Keep these brand names in mind when grocery shopping and support your local unions!


  • Juices: Appletime, Bright Stock, Clamato, Fruit Blasters, Guana, Guava Juice, Hawaiian Punch, Hiland Dairy, International Delight, Lincoln, Lucky Leaf, McCain Foods, Melody Farms, Minute Maid, Musselman, Pineapple Juice, Red Cheek, Roberts, Southern Belle, Speas, Tres Monjutas, V8-Splash, Welch’s, Motts, Snapple

  • Soda
    : American Beverage Company, Bart’s, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Mountain Dew

  • Water
    : American Springs, Nothern Fall’s, Pocono, Poland Spring, DejaBlue, Dasani

  • Adult Beverages
    : American Lager, Camo Black Ice, Hamm’s, Miller beer, Shock Top, Budweiser, Iron City, Mad River, Michelob, Rolling Rock, Mikes Hard Lemonade, PBR, Samuel Adams, Blue Moon, Woodchuck, Angry Orchard, Corona, Redd’s Apple Ale, Landshark, Goose Island, Bush

  • Wine
    : Chateau Ste. Michelle, Colubia Crest, Saddle Mountain, Farron Ridge, Scheid Vineyards Inc., Balletto, Charles Krug, C.K. Mondavi, C.R. Cellars, Gallo of Sonoma, Gallo Estate, Turning Leaf, St. Julian, E & J Gallo, Beach Kite, Puerto Viejo Wines, Eberle Winery

  • Liquor
    : Jim Beam, Bacardi Rum, Seagram’s, Captain Morgan, Fleischmann’s, Margaretville, Skol, Wild Turkey, Knob Creek, 99 Bananas, Amaretto, Basil Hayden, El Toro Gold and White, Gilbey’s, Tom Collins

  • Coffee/Tea
    : Maxwell House, McDonald’s Coffee, Mr. & Mrs. Tea, S. S. Pierce Teas, Tetley, Great Value, Best Choice, Dark Green



  • Salt: Colonial Salt, Diamond Crystal Salt, Monarch Salt, Morton SaltsNifda Salt, Red & White Salt, Sterling Salt, Sysco Salt, Flake,

  • Mustard
    : French’s, Gulden’s Mustard

  • Ketchup
    : Heinz Ketchup

  • Dressing
    : Hidden Valley Ranch, Ken’s Salad Dressing

  • Olives/Pickles
    : Anchor’s, Bicks, Cisco, McDonald’s, Moore’s, Ore-Ida, Pickles In A Bag, Red Brand, Valasic, Van Holters

  • BBQ Sauce
    : Cattleman’s, Open Pit, Watkins Sauces

  • Salsa
    : Pace, Old El Paso, Tostitos, Chi-Chi’s

  • Peanut Butter
    : JIF Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Crunch, Peter Pan

  • Spices/Seasoning
    : Durkee, Kitchen Boquet, Franks Red Hot, Saucy Sweet & Sour, Watkins Spices, Hormel, Fry Krisp, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

  • Dip
    : Dean’s French Onion Dip, Frito’s Bean Dip, Lay’s French Onion Dip

  • Syrup
    : Aunt Jemima
  • Redd-Whip: Lucky Whip

  • Jam
    : Sorrell Ridge


  • Monterey Mushrooms, Ore-Ida products

  • Potato and Macaroni Salads
    : Grandma’s Macaroni Salad, Grandma’s Potato Salad, Country Maid Potato Salad, Melch’s Potato Salad, Sandridge Gourmet Salads

  • Salads
    : Fresh Express, Green Hills, Kitchen Fresh

  • Baked Beans
    : Krisp, Ebro, VanKamps

Canned Foods

  • Del Monte, Dinty Moore, Green Giant, Hanover, Hormel, Hormel Beef Stew and Chili, Libby’s Salcihllas Carmelas


  • Pasta: American Beauty, Chef Boy Ar Dee Products, Light N’ Fluffy, Ronzoni, Roayl Brand, San Giorgio, Skinne, Turris Italian Food, Vince & Sons

  • Pasta Sauces
    : Heinz, Prego, Prego-Pace


  • Candy: 5th Avenue Bar, Baby Ruth, Bob’s Candies, Butterfinger, Candy Lipstick, Caramello, Clark Bar, Ghirardelli, Russell Stover, Herman Goelitz, Candy Corn, Hershey’s, Hot Tamales, Jelly Belly, Kit-Kat Bars, Laffy Taffy, Malted Milk Balls, Mary Jane, Mike and Ike, Rolo, Smarties, Super Ropes, Tootsie Roll, Trolli, York Peppermint Patties

  • Cookies
    : Keebler, Nabisco, Voortman

  • Chips and Crackers
    : Better Cheddars, Bugles, Chex-Mix, Chi-Chi’s Chips, Cornuts, Crunch N’ Munch, Doritos, Frito-Lay products, Keebler Crackers, Lay Potato Chips, Mission Tortilla Chips, Nabisco Crackers, Planters Peanuts, Ritz Crackers, Rold Gold Pretzels, Sun Chips, Snyder of Berlin Potato Chips, Tostitos, Wheat Thins, Wise Kettle Chips

  • Jerky and Pork Rinds
    : Evans & Macs pork rinds, Pepe’s Pork rinds, Slim Jim



  • Campbell, College Inn, Ebro-Galican, Healthy Choice, Homestyle Bakes, MC Soups, Snider Soups

Frozen Foods

  • Prepared: Birdseye, Better Value, Chicago Brothers Lasagna and Pot Roast, Freshlike, Gortons of Glouster, Great Starts Breakfast Foods, Hanover, KFC, McCain, On Cor, Simply Grillin’, Swanson Frozen Dinners, Voila

  • Dinners
    : Albertson’s, America’s Choice, Angela Mia, Banquet, Bertucci’s, Best Club, Food Club, Great Value, Healthy Choice, LaChoy, Market Day, Rosalini, Rosarita, Schwan’s


  • Yogurt: Dannon, Delisle, Hiland, Prairie Farms, President’s Choice, Yoplait

  • Ice Cream
    : Breyers, Country Fresh, Dairy Fresh, Flav-O-Rich, Good Humor, Hiland, Labelle, Laura Secord, Orchard Harvest, Prairie Farms

  • Creamer
    : Country Fresh, Half & Half, International Delight, Hiland, T.G. Lee

  • Milk
    : Barber TruMoo Milk, Beatrice, Country Fresh, Dairy Fresh, Flav-O-Rich, Hiland, Leche Tres Monjutas, Meadow Brooks Prairie Farms, Quality Check, T.G.
    Lee, Tres Monjitas

  • Lactose Free Milk
    : Dairy Ease

  • Sour Cream
    : Breakstone, Country Fresh, Deans, Prairie Farms

  • Cheese
    : Chianti Cheeses, Hiland

  • Cream Cheese
    : Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Sun-Re Cheese


  • Blue Bonnet, Brookfield Spread, Gold-n-Sweet Whipped, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Mrs. Filbert’s, Nu-Maid, Parkay, Promise, Satin Gold Tub, Crocks, Quarters, Shedd’s, Sun Glow Butter Blend Euro

Cooking Oils, Shortening:

  • Albertson’s Exceptional Value Pocahontas
  • All Kitchens Fastco Pop All Oil
  • Almost Butter Fiesta Poppin Toppin
  • Always Save First Prize Pride of Life
  • America’s Choice Favorite Red & White
  • Armour Food Club Richmade
  • Arthur Treechers Fri-Gold Roundy’s
  • Astor Frosty Acres Royal Bear
  • Avanza Gem Safeway
  • Bake Mark GFS Sara Lee
  • Bake Rite Godfathers Satin Gold
  • Baker Noy Gold n’ Rich Savers Choice
  • Bakers & Chefs Gold n’ Soft Savory
  • Bakers Choice Gold n’ Sweet Shamrock
  • Bell-View Golden Chip Shop & Save
  • Best Brands Good Day Shurfine
  • Best Choice Goya Shurfresh
  • Best O’Corn Grandioso Smartbeat
  • Best O’Veg Great Value Spartan
  • Best Yet Halom Special Value
  • Better Valu Hidden Valley Springfield
  • Big Y High Palms Stater Brothers
  • Breakthrough Holsum Vegetable Oil Stew Leonard
  • Brechet & Richter Home Harvest Stouffers
  • Brookfield Hormel Sun Glow
  • Bunge Hy Vee Sunnyland
  • Buttercup IGA Super American
  • Cnetrella Indian Head Supreme
  • Chef Mark Instant Whip Sysco
  • Chef’s Pride Jay C Tablemaid
  • Churn Spread Kaola Gold Taco John’s
  • Cinnabon La Preferida Tastee Gold
  • Citation Little Caesars Thrifty Maid
  • Clark LouAnna Tony Roas
  • Classic Gourmet Mar Parv Triumph
  • Club Store Market Choice Ultra Fry
  • Coburn Farms Meadow Gold Valley Bakers
  • Code Meijer Value Time
  • Comsource Mel-Fry Value Buy
  • Country Delight Melvo Value Check
  • Country Fare Metz Value Choice
  • Cousins Migdal Ventura
  • Crystal Springs Miller Ventura Butter
  • Cub Foods Miolo Ventura Margarine
  • D&W Mother’s Ventura
  • Dairy Fresh Nifda Vons
  • Dan’s Nu-Made Weis
  • Darling International Old Time Western Family
  • Delmar Otis Spunkmeyer White Rose
  • Dierbergs Our Family Winn Dixie
  • Dress-All Parade
  • El Mesicano Perkins
  • EMGE Phase


  • Appletime, Lincoln, Lucky Leaf, Musselman


  • Andy Boy, Bicks, Cortland, Valley, EBRO, Eurofresh, Flanagan, Krrrisp Kraut, Mann’s Vegetables, Purely IDAHO, Rose Brand, Silver Floss, Spartan, Sunny Shores, Sunripe Tomatoes, Topless Cabbage, Topless Lettuce, Topless Spinach, Vlasic Sauerkraut

Bread, Baked Goods & Desserts

  • Aunt Millie’s, Butternut, Country Hearth, Earthgrain, Mission Foods, Perfection, Quaker Oats, Sara Lee, Tops, Wonder Brand


  • Hot Dogs: Al-Pete, Ball Park, Boar’s Head, Country Crock, County Fair, Disney Beef Frank, Falls Brand, Farmland, Foster Farms, Hebrew National, Hofmann, Hormel, Imperial, John Morrell, Kogel’s, Levonian, Luther’s Hot Dogs, Lykes and Sunnyland, Nathan’s Ball Park, Oscar Meyer, Poultry Inc., Sahlen’s, Ted’s, Wenzel’s

  • Sausages
    : Alexander Hornug, Battistoni, Carmela, Dearborn Sausage Co., Eckrich, Farmer John, Farmland, Gianelli, Griddlemaster, Johnsonville, Klements, Koegel’s, Kroger, Lykes, McDonalds, Oldhams, Premio, Salachillas Carmelas, Siena Foods, Smithfield, Sunnyland,

  • Smoked Meats
    : Armour, Cure 81, Eckrich, Galileo, Hillshire Farms, Hormel, Jamonada, Kahns, Margaritta, Patrick Cudahy, Spam, Swift

  • Bacon
    : Black Label, Daisyfield, Domino’s Bacon Topping, Dunkin’ Donuts Bacon, Falls Brand Farmer John, Farmland, Fast ‘n’ Easy Bacon Bits, HEB, Henry’s, Hofmann, Hormel, Jimmy John’s, John Morrell, Marshallville, Oscar Meyer, Private Label Heinz, Valleydale Bacon

  • Ham
    : Alexander & Hornung, Appleton, Armour, Ashley Farm, Best Choice, Best Yet, Black Forest, Boar’s Head, Brookside, Daisyfield, Eckrich, Farm Fresh, Farmland, Hormel, John Morrell, Kirkland, Kroger, Schwann’s, Smithfield, Sugar Tree, Sugardale Foods, Swift, Tops, Up County, Wellsley, Wilson Continental

  • Deli
    : Alexander & Hornung, Always Tender Pork, Teriyaki Kabobs, Armour, Ball Park, Battistoni, Butterball, Byron’s Bar BQ, Cattlemans, Dearborn Sausage Company, Decker, Eckrich, Farmer John, Farmland, Healthy Choice, Hillshire Farm, Hofmann, Hormel, Koegel’s, Rich’s Smokehouse, Sara Lee Refrigerated, Smithfield, Zweigles

  • Poultry Products
    : All States Quality Foods, Applebee’s, Arby’s, Banquet, Bob-EE-Best, Burger King, Butterball, Byron’s B-Q, Church’s, ConAgra, Crider, Empire, Gold Kist, Healthy Choice, Holly Farms, Hooter’s, Hormel, House of Raeford Farms, Jane Family Foods, KFC, Maple Leaf Farms, McDonald’s, Nature’s Best, Outback Steakhouse, Park Farms, Pennfield, Pierce Foods, Pizza Hut, Private Label, Rich’s Smoke House, Ruby Tuesday’s, Smithfield, Taco Bell, Tyson, Valley Fresh Chicken, Wayne Farms, Wendy’s

  • Seafood
    : Country Select, Delta Pride, Fresh Water Catfish, Haring’s Pride Catfish, Jane Family Foods, Long Beach Seafood, Ocean Beauty, Pride of the Pond, Sea Cat, Simmons, Singleton Seafood, Vita Fish, Wayne Farms

Home Health Care

  • Advil, Aftate, Alka0Seltzer, Aspergum, Bactine, Bayer Aspirin, Broxodent, Bugs Bunyy Vitamins, Calcitrel, Campho-Phenique, Centrum Vitamins, Chloraseptic, Chooz, Correctol, Demoplast, Di-Gel, Duration, Fenn-a-mint, Flintstone Vitamins, Haley’s M-O, Head & Chest, Laxcaps, Milk of Magnesia, Mydol, Neo-Synephrin, One-A-Day, Panadol, Pepto-Bismol, Premarin, Regitol, Riopan, Solarcaine

Household Products

  • Ajax, All, Axion, B ‘n’ B, Beacon, Bleach Tab, Blu-Flush, Blue Automatic, Blue Tab, Blu Water, Borateem, Boraxo, Bowl Fish, Cedar Pine Moth Balls, Clorox, Combat Pest Controllers, Crystal Clear, D-Con, Dermassage, Dynamo, Ecolab Products, Enzo, Exact, EX-Drain, Fab, Fiber Guard, Final Touch, Fizz Tab Carton Shelf Tray, Fly Swatter Wire Mesh, Fly Traps, Franklin Poly, Fresh Start, Hi-Lex, Keep, Keep it Dry, Liquid Plumber, Love My Carpet, Lysol, Mini Safe Scour, Minwax, Mop & Glo, Moth Tek Pakcets, Mountain Pine Vacuum Freshner, Nel-Naphtha, Octagon, Old Dutch, Old Fasion moth Balls, Palmolive, Perk, Pine Drop, Prime Choice, Punch, Purex, Reed & Barton, Rinso, Roach Away Powder, SKAT!, Snap Trap, Snuggles, Soft Scrub, Sunbeam Teflon, Sunlight, Surf, Tide Soap, Twice As Fresh, Uniflex, Watkins Household Products, Wisk

Personal Care Items

  • Alberto VO5, Avon, Caress, Cashmere Boquet, Chapstick, Colgate, Coppertone, Cosmepak, Dove, FDS, Garden Bouquet, Grey Flannel, Halo, Irish Spring, Jasmin, Lady’s Choice, Lander Personal Care, Lifebouy, Lux, Mexsana, Old Spice, Phiso-Derm, Pierre Cardin, Pure & Natural, Rapid Shave, Sardo, Shield, Stri-Dex, Sweetheart, Tussy, Ultra-Brite, VO5, Watkins Personal Care


  • Ben Davis, Carhartt, Graybear, King Louie, Kodiak, Nemesis, Oshkosh B’Gosh, Outdoor Outfit, Platinum Sportswear, Powers, Pro-fit, Rubin Brothers, Stone Cutter, Sure-Fit, Team Safety Apparel, Think Action Wear, Time Out for Her, Union Jeans, Union Line, Waggoner, Wigman


  • Air Step, Bellville Shoe Company, Carolina, Danner, Matterhorn, Natural Sport, Naturalizer, Nunn-Bush, Red Wing Shoes, Stacy Adams, Totes Boots, Wolverine

Carry Bags

  • Algoma Net, Platt, Winston

Sporting Goods


  • Bell Sports, Spalding, Nordic track, Louisville Slugger


  • Radio Flyer

Plastic Products

  • Uniflex, Western Plastics

Home Hardware

  • Aqua Chem, Dow Corning Sealants, Hunter Douglas Venetian Blinds, Keroseal Upholstery, Keroseal Wallcoverings, Pool King, PPG Paints & Coatinga, Red Spot Painta & Vasrnishes, U-Vac, United, United Brand, United Windows & Doors

Leather Products

  • Art Craft Leather, Bosca, ELCO Manufacturing, ELCO Manufacturing Co., Inc, Gutmann, Horween, Leathermark Accessories, Paul May Company, Inc., Seidel, Winston Manufacturing Corporation

Yard and Garden

  • Vim Fertilizer, Algoma Net, Bonanza Fertilizer, Champions Choice, M & M Moulding

Pet Products

  • 9 Lives, Anchor, Fresh Step, Friskies, Litter Green, Sanderson Farms, Science Diet, Skippy, Wayne Farms