You Have The Right!

“Employees shall have the right to form,

join, or assist labor organizations (unions), to
bargain collectively through representatives
of their own choosing…”


Under the law,TeamstersNina
the government guarantees your right to:

  •  help form or join a union
  •  bargain over wages, benefits and working conditions with your employer
  •  have small group meetings at lunchtime or break time in a non-work area
  •  talk about the union on your own time
  •  distribute literature in non-work areas on non-work time
  •  attend union meetings without interference from your boss
  •  wear union buttons
  •  solicit other employees for union membership, both on lunch or break – even on company property such as break rooms and parking lots

An employer may not discriminate against you for exercising these rights.
In fact, it is illegal for your employer or supervisor to:

×    threaten or coerce you
×    threaten to close the facility if the union is voted in
×    bribe or promise special favors to employees to vote against the union
×    deny you the right to vote for union representation
×    spy on your union activities
×    ask you about your union activities or attitude
×    fire, transfer, demote or discipline you (or lay you off) in retaliation for union activities