Gary Kilgore, Domestic Linen

PositionDriver for Domestic Linen
Teamster Member 32 Years

Domestic Linen Worker Thanks Local 332 For Their Support

My name is Gary Kilgore and I work for Domestic Linen Company. I have been a union member at International Typographer, SEIU, UAW and for the last thirty-two years as a Teamster at Local 332. I have been the Union steward at Domestic Linen for twenty-two years.

During these thirty-two years we have had many route drivers come from other uniform companies that didn’t have a union. They’d tell us they didn’t have many rights at their non-union companies. That the company would lay off who they felt like and that seniority didn’t mean anything for choosing vacations or route bidding. They told us their non-union companies would take away part or all of their health benefits and they had no voice about anything.

I come from a union family and I will always support the unions because all of what I have today is because of them.

Gary Kilgore