Member FAQs

Common Misunderstandings

The union should be doing more than it is.

Answer: There are times when to you the union seems to be moving very slowly. However, it is well to remember that labor relations are a complicated affair. All problems need study, meetings have to be arranged, and differences of opinion listened to and ironed out. All of this takes time. A grievance or contract negotiated hurriedly can cause great harm. Your union is doing all it can, as quickly as it can to further your personal gains. However, we must always keep in mind that while improving our status, that we do not destroy our hard fought for union-management relationship.

We can do as well without the union.

Answer: No fair individual can ignore the fact that history proves that unions have accomplished miracles to improve the lot, not only of the worker, but company and country as well. Unions have: promoted security, have given all a chance to advance, have assured more humane treatment and dignity, and have amicably settled thousands of disputes. It is gross ignorance to accuse all unions because a few have discredited themselves. The records show that unions are making and will continue to make, valuable contributions to higher standards of life. The workers who make up your union are typical citizens who are united not only for their own individual welfare, but for the well-being of all. Be proud you are a union member.

Why join a union?

Answer: Workers unorganized are weak. Workers organized are strong.

What is the real purpose of a union?

Answer: To extend democracy

What does a worker most desire?

Answer: Security


*Excerpts from The Union Bible

Labor Union Creed

  • To continually strive for compensation that is fair and equitable.
  • To assure the individual dignity of each worker.
  • To provide an atmosphere of free expression within the union and out.
  • To guarantee “fair play” to all.
  • To spare no effort to provide safe working conditions.
  • To help make your job the best place in the world to work.

*Taken from the Union Bible