Local 332 Travels to Chicago to Show Support for Local 743

Photos from September 24, 2014, when a few of our members went down to Chicago to support Teamsters Local 743. The Patient Care Tech’s from Rush University Medical Center are trying to organize with Local 743 but the employer is refusing to bargain or meet with the union. A prayer vigil was held to support the patient care nurses in their efforts to organize.

  • Teamsters Bus Teamsters Bus Janice Lumadue, GRMC Tech; Rosemary Waters, Retired RN from GRMC, Diana Dady, Retired from GCC, Mary Ann Bellor, GRMC RN, Dana Alden, GRMC Tech, Dawn Becker, GRMC RN, Tiffany Colby McDonald, GRMC RN, Tonya Chin-Kee-fatt, CNA GCC, Sandy Bancroft, GRMC RN, Pam Galliway, GRMC RN, Marci Hamilton, CNA GCC, Karen Wheeler, CNA GCC.
  • Local 743 Local 743 Debra Simmons-Peterson, President of Teamsters Local 743 and Goleen Bradley, Recording Secretary at Teamsters Local 743
  • Rush University Rush University
  • Chicago Bound Chicago Bound Karen Wheeler, GCC CNA; Pam Galliway, GRMC RN; Marci Hamilton, GCC CNA; Diana Dady, Retired from GCC; Tonya Chin-Kee-fatt, GCC CNA 2nd Row: Janice Lumadue, GRMC Tech; Sandy Bancroft, GRMC RN; Mary Ann Bellor, GRMC RN; Dawn Becker, GRMC RN; Tiffany Colby McDonald, GRMC RN; Dana Alden, GRMC Tech, Rosemary Waters, Retired RN from GRMC.
  • Denise Stiger and Angela Oberman Denise Stiger and Angela Oberman Denise Stiger, Organizer at Local 743 and Angela Oberman, Business Agent at Local 332.